FS2Crew Legacy Website



NOTAM: 21 JULY 2021


This site is for FS2Crew customers needing access to their FS2Crew orders purchased before July 21st 2021.

This site is only for customers who purchased via the FS2Crew on-line store.  If you purchased from a 3rd party provider, you may access your download via them.

Important Notes:

1. You cannot purchase new FS2Crew products on this FS2Crew (Legacy) website.

2. To purchase new FS2Crew products, please go to the New FS2Crew website at: www.fs2crew.com

3. On the new FS2Crew website, you will need to create a "new" account.

Your account on the legacy website will NOT be migrated to the new website.

4. If FS2Crew updates for your legacy products becomes available you will access and download them through this (legacy) website only via your current account.

Your pre-existing FS2Crew account is still active on this site.